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(crickets chirp)

Yes, it’s been a while- three weeks! for shame!- since I’ve posted anything here. Rest assured, it’s not because there haven’t been interesting things going in the realm of women’s health, but rather because yours truly was away for 10 days out of the country on vacation and then was promptly deluged with work the moment I stepped back in my office. Excuses, excuses. 

Anyway, to make up for my prolonged absence, here is a roundup of a few interesting articles that’ve been making its way around the interwebs of late. Enjoy!

Kaiser Family Foundation reports that according to a study published in the Lancet this week, researchers discovered that the most equitable intervention in making progress in maternal and child health (as defined in the Millenium Development Goals 4 and 5) was early initiation of breastfeeding.

Front page article in the NYTimes on the genetics of autism. 

Video of President Obama on Planned Parenthood.

Criticism of Dara-Lynn Weiss’s article in Vogue about putting her young daughter on a diet have been rampant. News of her recent book deal has only fanned the flames. I read the article and had very mixed feelings. Anyone else?

Nicholas Kristoff wrote in his Sunday column about the sex trafficking forum, revealing that Goldman Sachs owned a 16% stake in Village Voice Media, the company that runs Backpage. Yikes.

Starbucks regular? Pick up a copy of Every Mother Counts 2012.