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Happy Monday everyone! As part of our lead-up to Mother’s Day 2012, I thought I’d share some photos from our volunteers in Guatemala. These ladies are seriously awesome.

I’ll be checking in later with more on what Tarry, Carolina, Samantha, and Jess have been doing in Guatemala, but for now, enjoy the photos and don’t forget to visit our website…just six days until Mother’s Day! Let’s make it count!

Top photo:Saving Mothers volunteers and Guatemalan comadronas

Middle left photo:comadrona Elena, taking Saving Mother’s team member Jessica Oliveira’s blood pressure with the new stethoscope and BP cuff provided by Saving Mother’s.

Middle right photo: Saving Mother’s team members Tarry Shirazian and Jessica Oliveira meeting with Dr. Castilla of the Clinica Santa Fe in Chocola. Saving Mother’s is working to send a team of GYN surgeons to the Clinica Santa Fe this year. 

Bottom photo:the Saving Mother’s team on a lancha! From left to right: Carolina Bibbo, Samantha Haspel, Tarry Shirazian and Jessica Oliveira.